Our English profile

At The Garden Preschool your child have the option to learn English at an early age through play.

You should choose our English profile if you want your child to learn English at an early age. Swedish and English underpin everything we do, may it be story time, music, drama, knowledge and understanding of the world, IT, motor skills, mathematics, play, fruit time or when it is time for a new nappy. We do it all in both languages!

We adapt our learning milieus according to the needs and interests of the children. Our goal is to inspire and challenge those curious minds! Children’s active participation is our focus and we as teachers act as guides along the learning journey.

Our children will of course be exploring and learning through modern technology. We document digitally to ensure our children become aware of their own learning and for you as a parent to be able to follow such developments. This way of documentation helps us teachers to evaluate and plan for future activities.

As we are blessed by beautiful green areas we will naturally spend much of our time there to learn, explore and have fun. Perhaps we will find a snail along the way and wonder what it gets up to during the day? We might find branches on the ground and start to compare them. Which one is the longest and shortest? We might even want to find out the names of the trees, in English! This way we learn about mathematics and nature in both Swedish and English.

Enrol with Us

Starting a new preschool should be both safe and fun. Therefore we highly recommend a two week initial training period, however, this period is individual to each child and should only be seen as a guide. Together with you and your family we will adapt this period accordingly. We will contact you before your child will begin with us so that we can arrange to meet your individual needs.